Label Services

The last years, artists and record labels from all over the world were asking us to release their music in Europe but love to keep their rights on the recordings.

Especially artists and labels from overseas looked for an experienced label partner who understands the EU market for folk and singer/songwriter music, to avoid high shipping costs for their CD and vinyl copies as well as custom hassles when entering the EU trade area.

We decided to offer our label structure, distribution and established network of business contacts as a service: Greywood Label Services were born. We manage all aspects of the record label business on your behalf:

  • Manufacturing: We coordinate the process of pressing your CDs and vinyl.
  • Logistics: We stock your physical copies and ship them for you within Europe to destinations of your choice.
  • Distribution: We distribute your music by our physical and digital distribution structure in Europe.
  • Neighbouring Rights Collection: We make sure your neighboring rights will be monetized by our partner Rights Up.
  • Network: We support you to find the right partner for booking and publicity.
  • Accounting: We provide transparent sales/usage reports for you.

Feel free to get in touch with us for details or questions.