Adam Harpaz

Adam Harpaz is a singer-songwriter/producer from Australia. Adam’s music is uniquely relatable, painting pictures of hope for his listeners through lyrical integrity, warm productions and heartfelt performances. His music has often been described as a blend of Indie Singer-Songwriter, Indie Folk, Ausa-Nova (Australian influenced bossa nova) and Coastal Soul/Jazz.

Adam Harpaz about his new single Rollercoaster: „Rollercoaster brings to mind a type of person that you can picture from your own life experience; strikingly attractive from first sight but utter chaos and trouble beneath the surface. Whilst most people are naturally drawn to her, the narrator suggests he has made a similar mistake one too many times and offers an alternative perspective, wanting to explore no meaningful connection with her at all. The song also provides a subtle commentary on modern societal issues; mistrust of information, dishonesty and the disregard of our fellow humans in the face of pursuing our own agendas. The people at the bar are buying her a drink in the hope of a joyride whilst presenting it as just a kind gesture for a conversation and she is using her attractiveness to score free drinks/a fun night out (even though she wants nothing to do with the people buying her drinks). For me personally, the song is a reminder that most things are never quite as they seem.“

Adam has been featured on esteemed radio platforms across Australia such as Triple J and by  internationally renowned playlist curators such as Mahogany Sessions and alexrainbirdMusic. He performed at a myriad of major festivals including Splendour in the Grass/Falls Festival and has sold out intimate shows across the country.

After the recent successes of a second European Tour (16 shows in 10 countries) and reaching over a million streams on Spotify, 2023 is shaping up to be a busy year for Adam as he continues to record, release, co-write, produce and tour.