Andy Clark

Andy Clark is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in the U.K. His first songs were born in the late 90s, on a Fostex four-track tape recorder. There are three absurdly proportioned cardboard boxes in his parents’ attic, each filled to the brim with demo tapes. He may get around to sharing these songs one day.

Andy Clark’s musical influences are eclectic, though you could say that he’s a 70s kid at heart. He has had numerous bands and aliases and released music in different ways. He recently started growing apples. He wrote a bunch of songs about them and after a while, that bunch of songs became a record. Andy calls it “I Love Joyce Morris” and will be released by Greywood Records very soon.

“The bitter/sweet singer/songwriter of the season”
— Rolling Stone

“Achingly lovely voice”
– Phil Jupitus, BBC

“A great songwriter and a great singer”
– Aled Jones, BBC & ITV

“Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff”
– Terry Christian, Channel 4 – The Word

“Blissful guitar work”
– Folkwords