Andy Clark

Eclectic singer-songwriter Andy Clark releases his debut album “I Love Joyce Morris” 30th of August. Similar to Animal Collective’s hit “My Girls”, or Tom Rosenthal’s “Just As”, Andy Clark shares experiences of entering parenthood through his songwriting.

Through “I Love Joyce Morris”, Andy Clark is not only open to reflect upon the ups and downs in life, he also bakes it with an ingredient of wittiness. In the album title “I Love Joyce Morris”, meaning his children and referring to the saying “You’re the apple of my eye”, he uses the name of the local apple orchard “Joyce Morris”, inviting the audience to solve the puzzle of the album title. 

Having yet released both singles “Welcome to the party” and “But For You”, where both sound and lyrics fit timeless classic singer-songwriting, “I Love Joyce Morris” serves as a time capsule, offering singer-songwriter fans of all ages to rewind ones own actions, goals, dreams and heartache.

Welcome to the Party is the first single of the album, where Andy Clark invites his newborn to the party that life is, to celebrate all sides of it with full honesty, meaning both the triumphs and the disasters. He also serve it as an existential fanfare looking through the beam of satirical commentary of modern society, to quote Andy Clark “You can photograph your dinner and stick the pictures on your page; your success depends on how many friends you can engage. It’s the modern age. Welcome to the party!”

But For You on the other hand is more intimate where he allows himself to be vulnerable, through “But For You”, Andy Clark guides you through his life to show how he got where he is today. His captivating songwriting teaches about how suffering is just as important in life as happiness.

Andy Clark has previously played shows in the US, Germany and UK, where he opened for Bob Geldof and played Glastonbury Festival. Following the release of “I Love Joyce Morris”, Andy Clark follows with the “I Love Joyce Morris Tour” in Europe.

“The bitter/sweet singer/songwriter of the season” — Rolling Stone

“Achingly lovely voice” – Phil Jupitus, BBC

“A great songwriter and a great singer” – Aled Jones, BBC & ITV

“Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff” – Terry Christian, Channel 4 – The Word

“Blissful guitar work” – Folkword