Michael Lane

Throughout the years, we’ve seen Michael Lane express positive upheavals and pain. The sound of sharing personal stories that we’ve been relating with. We are now following Michael Lane and the release of his album “Traveling Son” on 25th of October.

“Traveling son” portrays the story of a 6 year old boy who travelled 7 thousand miles together with his mother, to a place that never immersed him as his home. The album includes songs that are both written and composed by two other musicians who in their own way share intimate parts of themselves in the music, making “Traveling Son” a shared vision of what self fragility is. In “Believe”, the first single of the album, Michael Lane is not afraid to intervene with modern societal norms, inviting the audience to unmask their own perception and self-will. It encourages you to unleash the oppressed version of yourself and daring yourself to go for your dreams. 

Through his participation of The Voice Of Germany 2012, he was both mentored by German pop/soul star Xavier Naidoo and opened up for him for several arena shows. In 2015, he performed the official song „Liberty“ for Europe’s biggest ski jump event, the Four Hills Tournament, taking place in Germany and Austria every year.

The German-American knows many sides of life. While fighting as a US Army soldier in Iraq and later in Afghanistan as a 20-year-old, and to take a sharp turn for music, he has already been able to grasp both extremes of human life: separation and unity. “As a soldier I witnessed the cruel absurdity of the war. It is inconceivable to me what must happen in other people to make such conditions possible. After that it was clear to me that I had to find a way in my own way to do something against this madness. Music was my key. It connects people to each other and I want to contribute to that.” “Traveling Son” is his last album that will depict his sensitive vulnerability to his audience and is to be released through Greywood Records.