Michael Lane

Michael Lane invites us to follow him into a world full of infinite possibilities. If we just could break through to that parallel side of ourselves, we would live completely freely and without any restrictions. At least that’s how he describes his point of view on life with the song „Break Through“, which is opening his new album „Linger On“. But what can we expect from his vision and how can we get there? With songs to dream, cogitate and transform, „Linger On“ provides an insight into that very topic.

The German-American knows many different shades of life. After fighting as a twenty year old GI in the US Army in Irak and Afghanistan, he now is making his living off of music. Thereby he experienced the extreme sides of man kind: Unity and separation. „As a soldier I witnessed the absurde cruelty of war. To me it’s unimaginable, how crazy people have to be to make these conditions possible. Later I realised that I have to find a way to do something against that madness. To me music is the key. It overcomes differences and connects people. I would like to contribute to that process.“

With „Linger On“ Mike continues where he began with his first record „Sweet Notes“, that was released in 2014. While the subsequent work „The Middle“ (Release: 2016) delved deeper into the matter, „Linger On“ can be described as the temporary peek of his musical creativity. The album is about a world full of balance. Therefore the title track describes the desire to maintain the beauty and the truth within us. To change the world one has to change himself. That’s why we should linger on and keep on going our ways. We should act and never look away. „There will be a voice inside your heart, still and clear. That tells you everything about us. We are near.“ tells us Mike in his track „The Night“. Hereby he refers to the fact that we’re not alone on our mission. Deep in our heart we already know that there are uncountable confederates, who want to make the world a better place.

Mike produced „Linger On“ nearly completely on his own. Immediately you feel the strong intimacy of the record, that draws us irresistibly into his world. With simple means Mike put every piece at the right place and surprises with unexpected twists and sounds. While „The Middle“ was produced in a pure and clear way, he developed his sound with „Linger On“ and embedded dreamy drum sounds into broad arrangements. Accompanied with the content, the sound of the record perfectly suits Mike’s visionary ideas.

„Linger On“ combines a wonderful utopia without fear and the rough reality we live in. Through his great devotion the artist motivates us to go on a journey to our inner souls, hoping that we will find the key to our real self and our true consciousness. In this sense: Linger On.