At Greywood Records, we´re also working as publicists for extern partners. Since 2005, we have established a network of like-minded journalists and media. We do work for artists, managements, record labels, festivals and events that are into what we´re doing: Singer/Songwriters, modern Folk music and close-by genres.

Started just as a help for friends many years ago, we can now look at a history of internationally renowned artists – just to name a few – like Paul Dempsey (AU, Capitol), Eagle Seagull (US, Lado), Cocoon (FR, Barclay), Mrs. Greenbird (DE), Ben Salter (AU, ABC) or events like the French Waves Festival (Berlin).

This is what we can offer:

  • Territories: We run campaigns in Europe/UK.
  • Types of media:  Print, online media and radios.
  • Types of campaigns: We promote single/album releases, tours and single events.

Please get in touch with us for further details or if you have any questions.